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The example sets several variables affecting the appearance and functionality of the applet and loads a basic document into the instance of the applet.

This example demonstrates how to perform the following with Edit Live! Add a heading to the page of "Create a New Article".

If the validation query fails, your page request will never see the error because Cold Fusion will throw away that db connection and get another connection from the db connection pool.

It will then run the validation query for that connection too.

To create and reference an upload script, refer to the Cold Fusion HTTP File Upload Handler Script section in the Edit Live!

Within this section, we can add and manage data sources (DSN’s) in Cold Fusion.

Connecting to databases was one of the first widespread uses of Cold Fusion.

In fact, the first iterations of what we now know as CFML was called DBML or database markup language.

The setting allows us to pass values into the JDBC URL without having to create a JDBC driver as “other”.The form Fields list must include the database table primary key field, which must be present in the form. is embedded into a Web page using Cold Fusion and Java Script.We also recommend reviewing the settings for the data source. This means your Cold Fusion queries have the ability to create new tables, drop existing ones, and delete large swaths of your database. The best practice is to only enable the features your application absolutely needs to function correctly.By limiting SQL functionality in this way, you may reduce the likelihood of a successful SQL Injection attack against your site.

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The administration of data sources remains one of the most important features available in the Cold Fusion Administrator.

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