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To continue to sell to its customers, the business must ensure that the customers' records are maintained and updated.The basic information that should be updated includes the customer's name, address, contact phone number, fax number and email address.The other good news is that the new solution is friendly to the environment.We know you will be pleased the next time you have your finest fabrics cleaned at Doe's.I will contact you at the beginning of next week to discuss what we still need to accomplish and how we propose to do so. Doe Dry Cleaning has just received exclusive rights to a new dry cleaning process that is safe for virtually all fabrics.You will find that all your suedes and silks will look and feel like new and metal buttons will not tarnish." Some companies, such as mortgage companies, ask the customer to verify the address to ensure that the company has the correct record.Repeat the information back to the customer to verify that it was entered accurately.

Updating your business account records with a letter is effective, as letters are less likely to be forgotten (like phone calls) and less likely to be ignored (like emails). If you need to update your records with a letter, follow a few tips to make sure you cover all your bases.

She has authored articles for the "The Social Contract Journal," as well as newspapers, legislative magazines and e-newsletters for state legislators and organizations.

Taylor holds a Master of Business Administration from Shorter University.

Please feel free to stop by and see what's happening at Doe Woods.

Doe Corporation is pleased to enclose your new account statement for the period ending December 31, 2018.

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