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For more information on compatibility, check out the calendar versions page.As mentioned in a previous blog post, most fixed issues are backend fixes that won’t be very visible.Try it again this time using these steps I apologize for the confusion.If it does please follow the steps here to transfer everything over to the new profile: Click Here ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------a tab (or whatever u call it) on the bottom of the taskbar pops up that says "choose user profile" but you cannot click on it.We also have more general improvements in invitation compatibility, performance and stability and some slight visual enhancements. Although its highly unlikely that severe problems will arise, you are encouraged to make a backup before switching to beta.If it comforts you, I am using beta builds for my production profile and I don’t recall there being a time where I lost events or had to start over.About every 42 weeks, Thunderbird prepares for a major release, we follow up with a matching major version. In order to avoid disappointments, we do a series of beta releases before a such major release. Please help out in making Lightning 4.0 a great success.Time flies when you are preparing for releases, so we are already at Thunderbird 38.0b3 and Lightning 4.0b3.

You probably have your own workflow, these are of course just examples. If you have found an issue, you can either leave a comment here or file a bug on bugzilla. I’ve gone through the bugs fixed since 3.3 and found that most issues are backend fixes that won’t be very visible.

The final release will be on May 12th and there will be at least one more beta.

Please download these betas and take a moment to go through all the actions you normally do on a daily basis.

This includes better testing framework support, which will help avoid regressions in the future.

A total of 103 bugs have been fixed since Lightning 2.6.

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