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Controller should handle user input, query and update the object model and prepare the data to be displayed.All Controllers should reside in the folder There is no Reflection in the VBScript and we don’t know whether there is a Controller class and it’s Action method out there. Router simply calls the Action method of the Controller object with VBScript So the Controller is instantiated and one of it's Actions is called. There may be a business logic of any kind in the controller.

It holds all the aspects of user interaction mostly regarding ONE type of business entity.

The List action prepares the list of Users and assign this list to the variable Model. Concentrate on the business logic and data when you work with Controller/Action. Data for ASP projects is usually stored in the database.

Variable Model is used in the View ../views/User/This view is attached at the end of action List. It is only Views should have an HTML markup inside them. Scale your system up to dozens Controllers and hundreds of Views. As an ASP programmer you probably have some data-access utilities and mix them with SQL and HTML in your ASP pages.

Look at the example below: If the user hits the link

controller=User&action=List , Router selects the User Controller and List action. Have a fullscreen or mobile view (or both) without necessity to touch the business logic code.

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Note: as opposed to NET MVC, where View is selected automatically, we need to directly point to the needed View. They reside in the folder with the same name as the Controller. There should be NO or absolute minimum of the logic in a View. They use a term Model to refer the data in MVC projects.

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