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Like F-Secure, the security giant also added heuristics and reputation-based engines to monitor potentially malicious file behavior.Piero De Paoli, director of product marketing, calls the company's SONAR technology "advanced," and says the behavioral reputation engine (acquired by Symantec in 2005) can detect whether a file is acting suspicious.Seth Shestack, associate director of information security at Temple, says the latest version seems to be detecting malware before any malware signatures are developed.The machines on average get a 12- to 36-hour lead time on detecting new malware variants over traditional detection methods, Shestack says.Those that the user allows as good files would be added to the Whitelist while all others would remain in the sandbox, after which they would go to the Comodo labs for analysis.Antivirus software scans all the files that you open from the back-end; this is also termed as on access scanning.

All program files (executable) that enter a system go through the antivirus scan.

I continually (every 8-10 days) get the warning that my computer is not protected - "The detection signature file is between 8-29 days old".

I follow its instructions and tell it to "Fix" and nothing happens.

"There's monitoring and risk management that you should put in place," Chen says.

"If you get infected, we can tell you early that you've got strange activity going on in your network." Trend Micro also is tackling the issue of what Chen calls "antivirus storm" with its newly configured protection of virtualization hypervisors.

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He says reputation technologies provide a far more predictable way of enhancing security.

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