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Now you've got twice as much computer power as before, right? Or, used to the old computers being overloaded, your users will submit most of their jobs to the new computers, leaving the old ones idle.

Let's face it, it's just too much of a pain to log into every computer on your network to see which one's the least utilized.

The revised National Quality Standard (NQS) will come into effect on 1 February 2018.

We have been working with all state and territory regulatory authorities to develop resources to support education and care services to understand the changes and what they need to do to ensure they continue to meet legislative requirements.

These resources include: Familiarising yourself with the revised NQS The best place to start is by familiarising yourself with the legislative changes and the revised standards and elements in preparation for your annual self-assessment and review to update your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Here is a simplified example of what I am trying to do BEGIN SELECT user_id, username, description from fnd_users; END; BEGIN UPDATE fnd_users SET enabled_flag = "Y" WHERE user_id = "1234"; END; COMMIT; If I'm trying to spool/write the SELECT statement to a file, how can I accomplish this.

I do not want to break up these 2 functions because I want to register the pl/sql file as one concurrent program to complete both tasks when run.

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