Updating old quicken files changesets and updating work

And yes, you can “unlike” the page later if you don’t want it cluttering up your account.

In the final analysis, Moneydance looks like a winner.

Restrictions: Because your backup copy is in a compressed file format, you must use the restore wizard to bring the data back into Quick Books. Please perform the below mentioned steps to restore the backup files: Note: If Quick Books finds a company file with the same name in the folder you specified, Quick Books asks whether want to replace the existing file.

If you click Replace, Quick Books erases the existing file and replaces it with the file you’re restoring.

But aside from this minor (very minor) complaint, Moneydance is a very impressive piece of software.

I thus decided to start from scratch, but skip the “Import Account Info Only” step. The most obvious problem was that certain types of split deposits got screwed up.

From there, the official guidance from the Moneydance creators is to check the “Import Account Info Only” box and run the import to create the account so you can verify that they’re right.

Once you’ve verified the accounts, uncheck that box and repeat the process to import your data.

Once I figured this out, however, it was an easy thing to cruise through out accounts and delete the duplicates.

This not only fixed underages in our bank accounts, it also fixed the overages in our investment accounts. Yes, it took a couple of hours before I was completely up and running, but I was dealing with 14 years of data.

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