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Notably, these US Pre 3 units, having been released through unofficial channels, lacked both warranties and carried no support obligation from HP; as a result parts are nearly impossible to come by.

HP announced that it would continue to issue updates for the HP Veer and HP Touch Pad, but these updates have failed to materialize for the former, and the latter saw a final, unofficial release called "web OS CE" that contained only open-sourced components of web OS meant for what remained of the developer community rather than a conventional, user-centric update to the operating system.

Under the agreement LG Electronics owns the documentation, source code, developers and all related websites.

However, HP would still hold on to patents from Palm as well as cloud-based services such as the App Catalog.

Palm launched web OS, then called Palm web OS, in January 2009 as the successor to Palm OS.

The first web OS device was the original Palm Pre, released by Sprint in June 2009. Upgraded "Plus" versions of both Pre and Pixi were released on Verizon and AT&T.

web OS 2.0 introduced 'stacks', where related cards could be "stacked" together.

Palm referred to integration of information from many sources as "Synergy." Users can sign into multiple email accounts from different providers and integrate all of these sources into a single list.

The first version of web OS shipped with the ability to sync with Apple's i Tunes software by masquerading as an Apple device, but this feature was disabled by subsequent i Tunes software updates.The web OS mobile platform introduced some innovative features, such as the cards interface, that are still in use by Apple, Microsoft and Google on their mobile operating systems i OS, Windows Phone, and Android, respectively.Navigation uses multi-touch gestures on the touchscreen.The HP App Catalog was an app store for apps for the mobile devices running web OS.On June 6, 2009, web OS launched on the Palm Pre with 18 available apps.

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