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Sea Monkey 2.1 uses the same back-end as Firefox 4.0, Gecko 2.0.

Starting with Firefox 5, Gecko versions equal the Firefox version.

As such, beta versions now identify themselves as release versions, i.e.

Now that the current project’s update information has been updated, I’m returning to your scheduled program of preparing the tar and feathers….. That said, things probably aren’t that bad; I’m just so deep into this hole that I’ve dug the project into, I certainly can’t see the light of day. To answer a lot of people’s question: “What is going to happen to the project? ” The tentative answer is: While we’re basing our release on ESR52 (with ESR60 being (afaicr) untenable), we’re looking at a possible 2.53 or at worst, 2.57 as being the next ‘stable’ platform.

This allows for better integration (Sync, the Location Bar and add-ons), automatic backups and the possibility to restore them, saving favicons with your bookmarks, and the ability to define tags. By default, Sea Monkey initializes Mail News in the background even if you just open the browser.

I'm getting a notification bar that reads "Sea Monkey prevented this page from automatically reloading." (or "Sea Monkey prevented this page from automatically redirecting to another page."). This way it can check for new mail and notify you while you can start browsing right away and not be distracted too much by the Mail News window in case there is no new mail.

We do not know what’s in store for this small project; but we do hope to continue to work on the project.

We, from the Sea Monkey dev team, would like to wish everyone a very Happy New, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

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