Updating source control status

Change 1 and Change 2 are considered simultaneous if: .It is better to avoid a conflict than to resolve it later.You can your working copy to incorporate any new edits or versions that have been added to the repository since the last time you updated. In the simplest case, the database contains a linear history: each change is made after the previous one.Another possibility is that different users made edits simultaneously (this is sometimes called “branching”).

A occurs when two different users make simultaneous, different changes to the same line of a file.Otherwise, the Git Plugin is able to create (initialize) a new local Git Repository with your project Assets and Sources files: Click “Initialize project with Git” that will add all relevant files to source control and make the initial commit with the customizable message.When everything is done, click on “Accept Settings”.This alternate “Git development plugin” needs to be installed into a subfolder or your Game Project “Plugins” directory (that is, you cannot install it into the Engine Plugins directory): If your project is already under Git (it contains a “.git” subfolder), just click on “Accept Settings”.This connect the Editor to your local Git repository (“Depot”).

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