Updating the following field dropdown class upper

Beyond selecting features with the mouse, you can perform automatic selection based on feature’s attribute using tools available in the attribute table toolbar, such as (see section Note Filtering records out of the attribute table does not filter features out of the layer; they are simply momentaneously hidden from the table and can be accessed from the map canvas or by removing the filter.

For filters that do hide features from the layer, use the button in the attribute table allows you to perform calculations on the basis of existing attribute values or defined functions, for instance, to calculate length or area of geometry features.

When you click on the field calculator icon the dialog opens (see figure_field_calculator).

If the layer is not in edit mode, a warning is displayed and using the field calculator will cause the layer to be put in edit mode before the calculation is made.

Thanks to the expression engine, it offers a quicker access to edit an already existing field.

This identifier can be replaced using the drop-down list at the top of the panel, either by selecting an existing field or using a custom expression.

You can also choose to sort the list of features from the drop-down menu.

You can also choose to sort the rows with the You can enable the conditional formatting panel clicking on at the top right of the attributes window in table view (not available in form view).

The new panel allows user to add new rules to format rendering of In table view, each row in the attribute table displays the attributes of a unique feature in the layer.

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In quick field calculation bar, you simply need to: As an example you have a layer with all regions of alaska (polygon) which provides some attributes about its name and region type and a unique id (which acts as primary key).

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