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Thread(target=just_wait, args=(5,)) my_thread.start()button = Button(root, text='Run long thread.', command=button_callback)button.pack()# Without them pressing a button that performs# a long action will pause the entire program and it # Will appear as if the program froze - Note about the GIL and only maximizing one cpuroot.mainloop()# ask_yes_no.pyfrom tkinter import messageboxdialog_title = 'Please answer'dialog_text = 'Do you like bacon?

'answer = messagebox.askquestion(dialog_title, dialog_text)if answer == 'yes': print('I like bacon too!

In Python 3, tkinter is still available, but the import names changed. # set_icon_and_title.pyimport sysfrom tkinter import Tk, Photo Imageroot = Tk()# Image path provided as first command line arg.

# change_font.pyfrom tkinter import Tk, Messageroot = Tk()msg = Message(root, text='Hello, world!

')# Font is a tuple of (font_family, size_in_points, style_modifier_string)msg.config(font=('times', 48, 'italic bold underline'))msg.pack()root.mainloop()# pack_options.pyfrom tkinter import Tk, Label, Y, RIGHTroot = Tk()label1 = Label(root, text='Yellow!

PNG formatimg = Photo Image(file=sys.argv[1])my_image = Label(root, image=img)my_image.pack()root.mainloop()# button_callback.pyfrom tkinter import Tk, Buttonroot = Tk()# Create a button that will destroy the main window when clickedexit_button = Button(root, text='Exit Program', command=root.destroy)exit_button.pack()# Create a button with a custom callbackdef my_callback(): print("The button was clicked!

") # Prints to console not the GUIprint_button = Button(root, text='Click me! Widgets can be modified after packing.label.config(foreground='yellow', background='black', text='Updated text!

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