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It is now able to resolve script problems without necessarily having to terminate the entire process.That’s good news to those site visitors who don’t like to deal with faulty websites (hint: that’s all of them).Because this programming language is so central to the Word Press platform, today we want to talk about something that many of us deal with too rarely: how to update the PHP version of your site. Just so you know what we are talking about, let’s first dive into what PHP is exactly.What, you didn’t know that was even part of running a website? In it you will learn a little more about PHP as a language and why it’s important to run the latest version, how to check your site’s PHP and how to upgrade it safely. First of all, it’s a programming language that is open source and thus (like Word Press) free to use.

One of the main improvements PHP 7 offers to Word Press users is increased speed.

To run Word Press, your server needs at least PHP 5.2.4.

However, by now the official recommendation is that you run PHP 7 or higher (the current version is PHP 7.1).

Also, does the browser have any 3rd-party extensions installed? Since it’s a Web Design program, the desktops are equipped with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

I believe the default browser is Safari, but students are free to use the one of their choice.

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