Using body language in dating

Look down and fuss with your drink, inspect your nails, fluff your hair, straighten your clothing, or do anything looking down.Looking down is an ancient mating signal indicating it is OK for him to approach you now.And additionally, plan ahead and let the men know you are a healthy woman and proud of it by showing a little skin on shoulders, upper arms, and back -- and anywhere else socially acceptable.

Do it noticeably longer than when looking at other men and friends.That is why pornography prospers as men's target market.Other very effective feminine body language tactics are: walking with an exaggerated roll of hips, relaxed swinging arms, chest out, and head held high with a soft smile.Find somewhere to sit where you can see all the men -- and where they can see you.Spend the first few minutes getting organized, or so it seems.

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Using body language to your advantage would be a great tactic to master. Look at your date's eyes when you are talking to him or when he is talking to you.

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