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("3G" by itself will allow you to send and receive SMS text messages, but not email.) The letters should be upper case; in some cases, lower-case versions of the same letters indicate more limited options, as indicated in the table below: .

If the date and time are incorrect, fix them, and then test to see if you can send or receive email.

cannot send or receive email, follow the steps below in the order given to determine the problem.All major mailbox providers have their own custom grammar rules that impact whether an email address is valid in the real world.We’ve integrated custom grammar checks for Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo into our email validator and are always adding more custom grammar checks as we discover these rules. can easily become and when it does, you can miss out on connecting with that customer.We have all been doing email address validation for a very long time to make sure that the email is correctly formatted.This is to avoid users entering wrongly formatted email address but still they can accidentally give us a wrong email address.

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