Validating event radio group

The backend service returns questionnaires in JSON like this: [code language=”javascript”] "questions":[ , ] [/code] The first we put the questions on the scope and then we add the following code to the HTML template [code language=”html”] [/code] This renders the questions nicely, it also binds the id of the selected answer for each seperate question, but we still do not have any validation.

So in the controller we add a function that is triggered when the form is submitted.

This might not be ideal since it does require a bit of custom validation javascript code, but I hope it helps anyone else out there looking to do validation on their radio buttons using Angular Js.

An element also enters the viewport if it was hidden or collapsed and is then shown or expanded in the viewable part of the current window.

Angular JS has some pretty nice built in form validation, but for some reason there is no out of the box support for validating radio buttons.

So when handeling a requirement where the end users had to fill out multiple choice questionnaires, I had to come up with something elegant to check if all the questions were answered.

When collapsed, elements positioned within 70 pixels below the collapsed element and each other move up to take the collapsed element's place where possible.

The elements that move up maintain their positions relative to one another.

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The validity of the element can be checked using its Deprecated: A selector function.

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