Validating forms in html

To recap—or in case you haven’t read Sandeep’s article—with the dawn of HTML5, a raft of new input types and attributes were added to tags that allow the browsers themselves to perform the client-side validation for us: no Java Script required.

To start using the new input types and attributes, you don't really need to do anything other than start using the new input types and attributes.

The hint is displayed in the input field before the user enters a value.

Preventing bad form information is a deadly game of cat and also cat.

Tip: Use the global title attribute to describe the pattern to help the user.

You'll also want to add the following to your view, to provide a summary of validation failures (you should customize the arguments in it): The Redirect To Action command explicitly forces execution through a view controller.

Data annotations are pretty flexible, and using them will cause you to write comparatively less code than trying to write all those checks on incoming data yourself.

An email address has some text, followed by the @ symbol, then a domain name, a dot (.) and finally an extension. An age-old question is “where do we check for valid input: server-side or client-side?

” Server-side checking entails the user submitting the form to the server, such as ASP, C# or PHP, then the server code checks and returns an error if it finds one. Client-side validation usually means: Java Script intercepting the form before it’s submitted to check for errors, possibly using regex.

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There's a tutorial here on Model State that's worth reading.

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