Vanessa simmons dating wayans

With plenty of support from the fam,’ the Simmons and the Wayans were in the house to congratulate the two parents-to-be.

As we all know, there are like a thousand members within the Wayans family (LOL, well, maybe not a thousand, but a whole LOT of ’em), but both Rev.

star Vanessa Simmons has not only established herself as a fashionista over the years but she an entrepreneur as well.

Vanessa and Mike have been a couple for a few years now and already share a baby together. Vanessa Simmons and Mike are planning their engagement, but haven’t really thought about their wedding dates yet.

She isn't just a hip-hop princess but also a runway model, recently appearing in a runway fashion show in which proceeds went to the Ronald Mc Donald also owns a…

Justine Jones Simmons gave birth to three children: Daniel "Diggy" Simmons III, Russell "Russy" Simmons Jr, and Victoria Anne Simmons. Simmons married Valerie Vaughn in 1983, and had three children with her: Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons, and Joseph Jr. His second marriage, to Justine Jones, took place on June 25, 1994.

They were in two entirely different industries and they’re two kids who have now fallen madly in love with each other, weren’t even born of at that time.

Fast forward today and it’s a whole ‘notha story, now the legends share the same adorable grandbaby.

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From oldest to youngest: -Vanessa Simmons -Angela Simmons -Joseph "Jojo" Simmons Jr.

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