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Or maybe because it’s because Banh Beo combines the best flavors of imperial Hue with the dim sum concept that we adore.

Instead of one big plate of food, an order of Banh Beo involves a dozen tiny plates, each with its own rice pancake topped with chopped and crispy shrimp, plus bowls of flavorful dipping sauce.

Three weeks in Central Vietnam allowed us to sample a wide variety of Vietnamese food and return to our favorites again (and again) not to mention more than our fair share of Vietnamese coffee.

Our three-week odyssey started in imperial, war scared Hue, continued in rustic, preserved Hoi An and ended in sun-kissed, beachy Da Nang before we headed south to Saigon.

Cao Lau is not only specific to Central Vietnam, but this dish is hyper-specific to Hoi An.Americans watched the Vietnam conflict on a TV, but travelers to Central Vietnam can observe relics like the bullet-riddled Long Hung Church and the Highway 9 cemetery memorial.Though much of the war history is murky and many of the sites like the Vinh Moc Tunnels have been recreated over the years, visiting these central areas stills allows people to experience a valuable piece of world history.Warning: A dozen dishes may sound like a lot of food, but it’s really not once you start slurping down the tasty treats. Already made famous by the likes of Anthony Bourdain and recommended to us by our new Halong Bay friends John and Charmaine, this popular deli serves what are arguably the best banh mi sandwiches in Central Vietnam if not the entire country.We also enjoyed banh mi sandwiches at We kind of love these ‘sizzling cakes’ that we first ate at the Hoi An Central Market.

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