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The examples of unbiblical teachings are kj-onlism, the tenth, the strict observance of the visit of the Church, dresses only for woman.

I'm not saying a person can't regootion from a performance to earn that through experience.

The last four years of bingeing on RHOA are finally going to pay off.

Personally, I thinik those who have taken the time to posts are people who are concerned about the welfare of the churches, or the help for those who want to go still remain Christians.

Voluntarily place themselves under a part of the law, such as tithing, obligated you to keep all the law perfectly. Thirdly, no one knows for sure why the Lord commanded the Levites to give him the tenth of what you get.

In 2019 the number of members of Westboro Baptist Church has dwindled.

Louis’ previous documentary looked at the church ‘in crisis’ as many people were leaving however it seems as though more and more members are changing their minds on Westboro’s beliefs.

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