What is down dating by matrix

When you write a matrix, you must use brackets: " [ ] ".

Do not use absolute-value bars: " | | ", as they have a different meaning in this context.

Do not use parentheses or curly braces ( " " ) or some other grouping symbol (or no grouping symbol at all), as these presentations have no meaning. Use the correct notation, or your answers may be counted as incorrect.

For instance, a matrix like this one, with all-zero entries below the top-left-to-lower-right diagonal ("the diagonal") is called "upper triangular".

(You can have lower triangular matrices, too, but they aren't of much use, so "triangular", without the "upper" or "lower", is generally taken to mean "upper triangular".) Note that triangular matrices are square, that diagonals are triangular and therefore are square, and that identities are diagonals and therefore are triangular and square.

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