Who is eminem dating tracy mcnew

The source added: "Nobody in Marshall's life is happy with her jealousy over his friends and the way she's meddling in his career.

SOURCE: Girlfriend of rap star Eminem could wreck his comeback Printaa April 18, 2009 Girlfriend of rap star Eminem could wreck his comeback The latest girlfriend of rap superstar Eminem is set to wreck his comeback with her jealously, fear pals. She made him end his relationship with Marni Bright (That girl he started seeing after Kim that looks like her)and forbid him to have any contact with her. from the label and he said: - "Tracy Mc New has him around her little finger. I`m too lazy to translate everythin but it basicly says that he`s datin a girl named Tracy Mc New and that she controlls his life.Well, the marital life of Eminem is not successful as his professional life.In his life, he married twice with the same woman but both times ended up with divorce.

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