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Had dinner last night with a friend of his who confirmed it. So maybe that means that, since it's getting to the point where he can't hide it, that he's the MAY 5TH celebrity.R2, I don't know whether the OP knows a friend of Evan's or not, but it's pretty obvious that OP is right about the rest of it - Evan is gay and it's known in the skating world.He has impeccable taste and experience working with some of the best designers, including Wang, so there's no doubt that he will succeed in his new career.Evan Lysacek is a famous American figure skater who has won the Four Continents championship in 20, 2009 World championship, the 2009 Grand Prix Final, and 2010 Olympic. He was raised along with his two sisters: Laura Lysacek (Older) and Christina Lysacek (Younger).That kind of creativity is extremely important, especially now in a world that is less about money." The two were even rumored to have dated after the designer separated from her husband in 2013, but Wang denied dating Lysacek, and insisted that their relationship was purely professional."I’m his mentor, his true mentor I hope for his ongoing life after sports," Wang said.

, as Evan Frank Lysacek to parents Tanya and Don Lysacek.

However, the latest whispers are of Evan Lysacek’s new girlfriend Vera Wang.

This scandalous matchup definitely has members of the skating and fashion world alike raising eyebrows.

We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in Chicago with my family, and afterwards they said unanimously …

Evan Lysacek, a professional figure skater and 2014 Sochi gold medalist hopeful, has been rumored to be dating several different women over the years including Olympic gymnast Nastia Luiken.

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