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He is nellier than almost any gay man I've ever met. Daniel Levy began his television career as a co-host of MTV Canada's flagship show MTV Live and later co-wrote, co-hosted, and co-produced the critically acclaimed ratings hit The After Show and its various incarnations including The Hills: The After Show and The City: Live After Show. R22, if you're right ...is funny because in that youtube video upthread he talks about being raised outside the industry and humility being important to him, blah, blah.Either he is the gayest straight man alive or a total closet case. Levy also wrote, produced, and starred in his own Christmas special for MTV, Daniel Levy's Holi-Do's & Don'ts ... There's no way you're talking about the right Dan Levy. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Straight MTV Canada and MTV have taken the time to recognize and acknowledge change.Also, while spelled the same, they pronounce their last names differently - one is 'leh-vy' the other is 'lea-vy.'R59 when he goes the vet--the only medical person in the town--because he thinks he's having a heart attack, the vet later tells some of the townfolk and describes him as "precious".That coupled with the hate crime joke, I think the character is gay but it's just being made into a coming out story. Catherine O'Hara and the girl playing the desk clerk are very good.Which, we can surely agree, is the harshest cut of all.

It got so bad that after leaving the house Dawn went on actual hunger strike to force called a surprise eviction to boot her out – but Kitten even rebelled against that, refusing to leave. at least until the prize fund started counting down and they practically pushed her out of the front door. Fresh out of the (brilliant) Bedsit, Michelle and Emma couldn't hold back and sparked one of the fiercest, most furious bust-ups we've ever seen.

It was later revealed that he made comments about bisexual people before going on to "joke" about Nazi concentration camps. Kayleigh was given the boot following a heated conversation with fellow housemate Chanelle Mc Cleary which spiralled seriously out of control and ended in threats of violence. Lotan was permanently removed after an explosive row erupted between him and Chanelle Mc Cleary.

When Kayleigh was summoned to the Diary Room, she started punching the walls, which did not impress show bosses. He completely lost his temper during the showdown and threw a water bottle which ended up hitting her, forcing security to step in.

I watched the Schitt's Creek US premier and thought he pretty much had to be. Thank goodness this was cleared up with it turning out that he's openly gay(something I feel like was already known, but I could be confusing him with another celebrity's gay son).

Would have hated for the DL to embrace another closet case. I don't know if he's every publicly stated it but it's no secret. I have a close friend who worked at MTV and Dan's temper tantrums were the stuff of legend there. I'm sorry decided to move on from MTV (because no one is ever fired in television) was a happy day for many employees at MTV.

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His popularity then sank to a new low when he used the N-word.

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