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We all hit the deck, while Kakashi wouldn't if the shit hit the fan sound better instead of if the fir hit the shan? "if the fit had hit the shan" it took me a good two seconds to understand what you meant, here, but it made me smile! " I'm astonished that Kakashi was surprised Naruto had a torture jutsu, but wasn't by Anko's answer to this question! Do you intend to pair them, or will Hinata wake up? "and I’ve just realised that I was scammed this morning." I don't think so! (just a try to guess how much Naruto will hurt the culprits) "Shino whistled softly." I agree! And I am assuming tha the assasination plot has been taken care of with prejudice?You should eventaully tell people who you have in mind as naruto's love interests. ;-p I did wonder for a time on why Naruto addressed to Haku as female, until I realized that he did that consistently when recalling the story, so I thought he had something planed (I'm happy I can still guess right ;-p) "Sasuke, Haku’s a guy. I wonder why the Hyūga’s were so happy to sort and count Naruto's riches. "I like women who don’t play stupid games..." Forget my comment about the pairings... After all, what are Super Narutos for but to be super protective, awesome when angry Narutos?“I like women who don’t play stupid games, who demand that I act like an adult, and are sure in themselves. I didn't spot this on first reading :-D So this is her present! And with the Kawaii No Jutsu, he can come immediately to help. I can't wait to know the damages a few Naruto clones with his current level of competence can do... I've made similar mistakes in the past, and had them pointed out to me.i hate where you left that, but great chapter, Naru-Chan is showing everyone what he is truly made of and I just realised that if you brought this Naruto into a Harry Potter fic, the dark lord would be on his knees begging to be dead.

Although to be fair, it has the advantage of being around long and thus having more chapters.I love how everything seems to fit just right, and makes nothing unbelievable.I also enjoy the fact that your making some simple but obviously useful Jutsu's.It's clearly still Naruto, but he's matured just the way one would expect him too, if he was hanging out with adults.He's clearly still a bit childish, but no one can blame him cause he is only 12.

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