Wsus client not reporting but updating

I also use GPOs to assign computers to groups in WSUS.A while ago I noticed more and more computers "Not reporting for 30 days or more" and I ignored it because computers were still talking to WSUS and downloading the approved updates. I am taking on monitoring WSUS from a previous already configured set up.I was told it is set up at a central location to push out updates to all domain controllers on the network and then the domain controllers send out alerts to all computers to go to the update website and down load the updates.We tried known hot fixes such as deleting Software Distribution folder, forcing service to stop and run again, manually find updates, restarting clients, restarting WSUS, downloading all avaiable updates for WSUS, run diag tool downloaded from Microsoft on clients but nothing helps. ) I hope my description is enough, I saw many forums / users / companies are dealing with same issue but there is not a fix for this yet and also I did not saw a thread on Microsoft about this exact problem yet.

Our domain is now reporting client status but on every client I get "Install the latest update to keep your system secure" message with a box to "check for updates".

But now it has just been more of a bother because I can't get any info regarding compliance and pretty much no computer is reporting back.

I'm posting from my phone so I can't go into too much detail but can provide any info asked for tomorrow.

However how I understood it was that if the main server that pulls the updates from Windows and pushes them to the domain controllers which should be downstream servers.

Unless they aren't set up as replica servers, would that be the reason?? If you pulled your computer list from AD then most likely the "not yet reported" message indicates stale entries in AD, probably older computers that were replaced, rebuilt, or computers whose names have been changed.

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I migrated our WSUS 3.0 SP2 to a new server over the weekend.

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