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And a few of them are not rolling up update and computer status to upstream server, while update approvals are synchronized and installed to computers.

All computers are reporting to downstream server current status.

WSUS is a senior citizen among other Microsoft products.

Over the years, it has been adapted to handle changes as needed, but it still basically works the same way it did when it was first released.

This means that any updates that apply to items you have not selected to synchronize via WSUS won’t show up as needing patched.

Not only that, but make sure you monitor the status of the scheduled task to be sure it is working properly.

One common issue I’ve seen is that many administrators don’t realize that WSUS needs to be actively maintained.

Even worse, is that in many cases no one is even checking the status to see if there are issues until there is an actual problem, and by then the solution can be painful.

Once we are done, hopefully you will be able to look at the SCCM Software Update process in much the same way as Neo saw the Matrix…

except you’ll actually know what is going on instead of a bunch of green 1s and 0s floating everywhere you look.

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