Xampp php ini not updating

A .htaccess file is a configuration file you can create and use to change many server settings, including PHP settings.The basic syntax to use in your .htaccess file for updating PHP settings is: After making this change, refresh your PHP info page, and you should see the changes.PHP is highly customizable and has many settings that our users can modify themselves.This article will advise you how to change PHP settings in your file.After changing Apache http port from 80 to 8080, Apache and php My Admin can no longer be opened on port 80.So by clicking on "Admin" button on the XAMPP Control Panel, Apache and php My Admin pages will not open.If you receive a 500 error, please double check the syntax you used as you may have made a misspelling.If you don’t have a .htaccess file, you can simply create a new file named .htaccess.

In such a case, we need to manually add port 8080 after localhost in the URL in the browser address bar.The steps in updating the values listed in your PHP info page depend on how PHP is setup on your particular server.In general, PHP runs on our servers as either: “, you can change your PHP settings via a .htaccess file.If you open your file and search for max_input_time, you should see something similar to: from 30 seconds to 120, for example, simply change 30 to 120 and save the file.Refresh your PHP info page, and you should see the changes.

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With a VPS or dedicated server, a site owner can truly customize the server to their exact specification.

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