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Scientists speculate that climate change may have played a role in creating this weather event, through having a slightly warmer atmosphere that can hold more water vapor (Climate Central: "Flood Ravaged Boulder, CO, Sets Annual Rainfall Record" by Andrew Freedman). 13, 2013 (image courtesy of the NOAA National Weather Service). A 3D-view diagram that shows the area that was mapped as the zone that would be flooded by a 1/500 probability per year event. Local hydrologists and geomorphologists were astounded by the rapid and catastrophic processes that carved out sections of river banks, and dumped mounds of cobbles and sediment along the flood paths.

Note that totals over the Boulder area exceeded 17 inches of rain in one week. Note that flooding was exacerbated by having a high-relief, low-permability landscape that funneled rain waterdown canyons and out onto the Plains. Scientists and non-scientists alike discussed questions such as whether individual drainages differed from each other in terms flooding response, and which factors might have influenced those responses, including spatial variations in precipitation or burn characteristics in the upper watersheds, or urban landscape modification in urban areas.

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